We help businesses create or enhance their brand identities. These are tailored specifically to your company and customers.

More than just a logo.

Your brand encompasses more than just a logo. It’s the feeling your customers get when they think of it. It’s the voice, colors, and imagery working together to give your company a personality. Developing a strong brand takes time, effort, and significant planning. At Marketing Stable, we want to work together to create a brand that looks great, fits you, and is successful with your audience. We’ll design a logo backed by research, a style guide detailing how (and how not) to use the brand, and walk you through what steps you can take to set your brand up for success.


Each branding project has factors and context that influence what direction we’ll want to take. Is this a new brand or are you looking for a refresh on an existing brand? Do you have a defined look and feel? What problems are you looking to solve by redesigning your brand? Get in touch with us today to answer and solve those questions!

Designing a brand

Because designing a new brand is a significant challenge, we want to be with you throughout the entire process. We find that collaboration is what truly creates the best brand identities. To start the process, we’ll work together to discover what resonates the most with you and your audience. This helps guide an initial direction for the foundation of the brand. Once you’re satisfied with your brand, we’ll walk you through how you can best use the brand to optimize success. After all, if you get a logo and brand colors but don’t know how to use them, the change might not be a big help.

Our Process

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    1. Discovery

    The first step in any branding project is discovery. We gather information on your company, industry, target audience, and your vision for the brand. Our goal is to get a clear idea of your company’s vision and purpose.

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    2. Research & Planning

    After our initial meeting, we’ll take a deeper dive into the details. Based on what you told us during the Discovery step, we’ll come up with possible directions your brand could take. The feedback we gather during this step is crucial for building the foundation of your brand in the next.

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    3. Foundation

    We combine all of collaboration from the first two steps to create the foundation of the brand. This will be a visual checkpoint that tests possible directions for your brand to take.

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    4. Design

    Based off clear results from the foundation stage, we’ll start the design phase to produce core brand elements. Depending on the scope of the project, this may be multiple steps, but typically starts out with the logo. Based off approval in this stage, we’ll move into the final stage.

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    5. Guidelines

    We want to make sure you’re well equipped to use your new brand effectively. We provide a style guide that outlines the specifics of how to use the brand, work with you to develop your brand’s voice, and produce any collateral needed.

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