At Marketing Stable we are passionate about educating and helping our clients to the best of our ability — because we believe in offering solutions, not selling services.

We know marketing can be overwhelming for business owners who are already doing it all. The industry is filled with fluff that ends up cheating you out of your time and money without producing the results you desire. Our team is committed to change that.

At Marketing Stable, LLC, we invest in a team that is passionate about your projects and transparent about the process. While we are experts at what we do, we know you are an expert in what you. That is why we are determined to include your expertise about your industry and business in every idea we come up with. Each of us has a role that directly contributes to your projects and we guarantee clear communication without the unnecessary middle steps.

Meet the Team

Kevin Berry

Kevin Berry


Kevin has always had a passion for solving problems and developing effective solutions. Founding his agency was always a dream – in February 2018, it became true! That’s when he founded Marketing Stable, LLC, an agency fully committed to benefiting their client. Kevin had seen too many businesses being taken advantage of and wanted to change that – he truly seeks to be the one who helps you learn more as you work together so that wherever you go in the future, you wouldn’t be vulnerable to dishonest agents.

He knows each client is unique, and his strength of having a very analytical but also creative mind helps him seek out various opportunities clients can choose from. Kevin is your go-to contact – he will attend every meeting and brainstorming session. He’s the one offering you solutions and will personally help with the implementation as well as the evaluation of the success of the solution.

We know marketing can be intimidating, especially when you’ve been burned before – that’s why Kevin is committed to building trust over time. When working with him, you will be fully involved. This way, you can learn from each other and narrow everything down to the best options you feel confident about. So far, 100% of clients have stayed with Kevin’s team. Nothing brings him greater professional joy than seeing you succeed.

Kevin is a devoted husband, father, and loyal baseball fan outside of work. That is why his weekends are full of outdoor adventures with his loved ones. He played baseball for years and has now transitioned into a full-time fan. You’ll find he’s very easy to get along with. Work will not feel burdensome when working with him and his team!

Stacey Abidi

Stacey Abidi

Graphic Designer

Stacey joined the team in December 2018. Stacey makes all your visual dreams for your business come to life! Stacey is truly enthusiastic about all clients and their projects as the diversity provides a fulfilling creative challenge. Just like Kevin, Stacey doesn’t believe in salesy approach. Instead, they want to provide solutions that are authentic. Today, people try to tune out advertising and focus more on real connection with brands. Stacey is determined to help you find the best fit for your values that help to build that connection through visuals. Check some of them out here!

It can be hard to communicate what you’re imagining in your head. Stacey is fully aware of that and just like in every other process at Marketing Stable, Stacey will seek out a variety of best design approaches and will showcase them to you to narrow it down together. Rest assured that nothing is done “just because it looks nice.” Stacey makes sure you understand how different design directions can impact your goals and outcomes.

When it comes to Stacey’s own goals – they dreams of traveling to Japan one day with their partner! Stacey loves playing video games, baking, and recently got hooked to punch needle craft! As you can see – Stacey is creative, hardworking and detail-oriented nature shines through every part of their life!

What our clients have to say

“Walk the Talk America’s relationship with Marketing Stable has been fantastic from day one.  As a non-profit that works to bridge the gap between the mental health community and the firearms industry, our mission is not the easiest to convey as we have two totally different audiences that need to come together for the same goal.  Marketing Stable has helped us from everything from our message, to our website and social media presence.  I highly recommend them for any company looking to improve their marketing.

Michael Sodini

President, Walk the Talk America

“We cannot recommend Marketing Stable with a high enough degree of confidence. We will explain shortly, but if you read one sentence that influences your decision, just go ahead and hire them, you will be very satisfied.

We own a mental health outpatient practice that employs/supports anywhere between 20 and 25 people and treats several hundred unduplicated patients per year. At the beginning of the pandemic way back in March, we were facing multiple challenges unique to our profession, chiefly that our switch to online service and telehealth was regarded with suspicion by a great deal of our clientele. Continuing care and continued employment were of paramount importance at that juncture and our marketing efforts had to address that.

Almost immediately Kevin and Stacey knew the best strategy to achieve what we needed on our skimpy budget and they went to work. I say “almost” immediately because they took the time – albeit in a rapid fashion – to listen to our company’s story, our mission and values, and what we did (and did not) wish to communicate. This is what made a great deal of difference for us because we believe strongly that we want to stand out in the community and be exceptional, rather than just be viewed as throwing money at an ad campaign to generate business. Kevin and Stacey understood this desire for value-added marketing and worked hard to provide what we wanted. 

Most importantly perhaps, even more so than the care they took to understand our agency’s character, was the responsiveness and access we had. If we had a new idea or disagreed with a concept, the turnaround time was always within the day, if not within the same morning or afternoon. This type of attention provided a great deal of peace for us at a time of great turbulence. Knowing that our marketing campaign was well handled really helped us to focus on other things more critical to the actual operation of the business.

Finally, the monthly reports on our results were invaluable and helped to quantify the money we spent and how it produced a return on that expenditure. Kevin took the time to answer any and all questions about the numbers and clarified how to improve or alter them, as well as providing a multitude of options about future strategies, both short- and long-term, without ever a whiff of pressure or uncomfortable sales pitching.

We could heap even more praise upon Kevin and Stacey but in the spirit of brevity, we will end it here. Their talents go well beyond mere marketing, and include website development, creative arts, strategy, SEO, and much more, most of which we utilized along the way. The prices are fair and the transparency along the entire journey has been both refreshing and reassuring. Hire this company without hesitation and you will be very pleased.

Jake Wiskerchen

Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Zephyr Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help! Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to reach out.

Working with us

How much do your services cost?
Every client offers different challenges, budgets, and abilities to assist in the content creation process. For that reason, we offer free consultations to learn more about you and find a price range once we have a better idea of all of the variables. Below are starting points for common projects/services:

Website Design: $1,750

Branding Package and Logo Design: $1,000

Social Media Management and Content Creation: $750 (per month + advertising budget)

Social media

What social media platform is right for my brand?

Each social media platform holds advantages over others. The most successful platform usually depends on your products/services and content that you will be posting. To dive into a specific answer for your brand reach out to us!

Why does my logo appear fuzzy online?

If your logo looks blurry or fuzzy, it’s probably either the wrong size or too low quality for the place it’s being displayed. Be careful not to just scale up a small version of your logo to a large size! Unless it is a specific type of file, the image will get blurry. We recommend starting with the largest size you have available and scaling down to the size you need, rather than starting small and scaling up.

Is digital advertising right for my business?

If you have either an active social media account or a well-designed website, digital advertising presents a huge opportunity to your business. If you are lacking on the social media or website we can help with that too!

How long does it take to see results of social media marketing?

In an ideal situation, we work with you to learn about your brand and identify topics and content types that people will be interested in. We cannot write the most effective content for you, as you are the professional in your field. With a large campaign of frequent organic and paid advertising, you can expect to notice positive changes in a few months.


Do I need to build a new website or can you update the one I have?

Websites are two dimensional: there’s what users see on the front end and what designers see on the backend. If your backend has been routinely updated but the front end content hasn’t been updated, then there is a good chance we can work with your existing site. If the back end hasn’t been touched in 6 months or a year, it might be easier to move to a brand-new site. Not updating plugins or themes in the backend can lead to security and functionality issues.

How long will it take to build a new business website?

You are the professionals in your field so we will rely heavily on you to provide the written content. Our job is to display that content effectively and attractively to users. Assuming we get that content quickly, basic websites with no marketplaces, user profiles, or databases can be easily completed in a month.

Ready to work with us?