About Us

At Marketing Stable we are passionate about educating and helping our clients to the best of our ability – because we believe in offering solutions, not selling services.

We know marketing can be overwhelming for business owners who are already doing it all. The industry is filled with fluff that ends up cheating you out of your time and money without producing the results you desire. Our team is committed to change that. Meet our staff below!

The Process

About Us

At Marketing Stable, LLC we invest in a team that is passionate about your projects and transparent about the process. While we are experts at what we do, we know you are an expert in what you. That is why we are determined to include your expertise about your industry and business in every idea we come up with. Each of us has a role that directly contributes to your projects and we guarantee clear communication without the unnecessary middle steps.
You can find out more about what type of work we do and solutions we can offer here.

Meet Our Staff


Kevin Berry, Owner

Kevin has always had a passion for solving problems and coming up with effective solutions. Founding his own agency was always a dream – in February 2018 it became true! That’s when he founded Marketing Stable, LLC, an agency that is fully committed to benefit their client. Kevin had seen too many businesses being taken advantage of and wanted to change that – he truly seeks to be the one who helps you learn more as you work together so that wherever you go in the future, you wouldn’t be vulnerable to dishonest agents.

He knows each client is unique and his strength of having a very analytical but also creative mind helps him seek out a variety of opportunities clients can choose from. Kevin is your go-to contact – he will be attending every meeting, brainstorming session, he’s the one offering you solutions, and will personally help with the implementation as well as the evaluation of success of the solution.

We know marketing can be intimidating, especially when you’ve been burned before – that’s why Kevin is committed to building trust over time. When working with him, you will be fully involved. This way you can learn from each other and narrow everything down to the best options you feel confident about. So far 100% of all the clients have stayed with Kevin’s team. Nothing brings him greater professional joy like seeing you succeed.

Outside of work, Kevin is a devoted husband, father and a loyal baseball fan. That is why his weekends are full of outdoor adventures with his loved ones. He played baseball for years and has now transitioned into a full-time fan. You’ll find he’s very easy to get along with. Work will not feel burdensome when you’re working with him and his team!

Stacey Abidi, Graphic Designer

Stacey joined the team in December 2018. They make all your visual dreams for your business come to life! They are truly enthusiastic about all clients and their projects as the diversity provides a fulfilling creative challenge. Just like Kevin, Stacey doesn’t believe in salesy approach. Instead, they want to provide solutions that are authentic. Today, people try to tune out advertising and focus more on real connection with brands. Stacey is determined to help you find the best fit for your values that help to build that connection through visuals. Check some of them out here!

It can be hard to communicate what you’re imagining in your head. Stacey is fully aware of that and just like in every other process at Marketing Stable, they will seek out a variety of best design approaches and will showcase them to you to narrow it down together. Rest assured that nothing is done “just because it looks nice.” Stacey makes sure you understand how different design directions can impact your goals and outcomes.

When it comes to their own goals – they dreams of traveling to Japan one day with their partner! Stacey loves playing video games, baking, and recently got hooked to punch needle craft! As you can see – their creative, hardworking and detail-oriented nature shines through every part of their life!

Working With Us

We cannot recommend Marketing Stable with a high enough degree of confidence. We will explain shortly, but if you read one sentence that influences your decision, just go ahead and hire them, you will be very satisfied.”

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