3 Reasons We Love Social Media Advertising

Published August 07, 2020

We all love social media — sometimes even a little too much — but we love it for a different reason. Social media offers many ways to grow your business and reach your audience. Here are three reasons why we love social media advertising!

Advantage #1: Goals, Goals, Goals!

Social media advertising has many goals to choose from. These range from reaching the most people possible, to clicking a link to your website, to watching your video. Once you define your goal, the algorithms focus on completing that goal and provide analytics on how many times that goal was achieved. Google Ads has similar goals, but they aren’t as in-depth as what the social media platforms allow you to do.

Advantage #2: Your Brand’s Identity Shines

Social media ads allow your brand’s identity to be on full display. Your unique brand’s voice, imagery, and personality is front and center on display on the users’ feed. Other advertising platforms require you to click a link before entering into your site or watch to video to get introduced to your brand. In a world where time is money, that quick hook of your unique brand identity can be strong enough to cause a pause to read your content.

Advantage #3: Demographic Targeting

As an advertiser, social media advertising platforms offer a much more in-depth way to target your audience. Facebook has often been under scrutiny for collecting so much data on its users. While they have scaled the targeting capabilities down, it is still superior when compared to Google Ads.

These are the advantages we come back to when recommending a digital advertising platform to our clients, so we hope this helped you get an idea of the benefits of social media advertising! But Google Ads isn’t lacking in all departments. To see the three reasons why we love Google Ads, click here! And remember, the platform you use all comes down to the strengths and goals of your brand.

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