4 Reasons We Love Google Ads

Published June 22, 2020

Digital advertising is rapidly growing and offers many benefits for businesses, but which type of digital advertising is right for you? Google Ads has evolved from just search advertising or showing results when a user searches for a keyword you target. It now has dynamic ads which change based off their placements and you can advertise on YouTube. The purpose of this article today is to outline the major differences between Google Ads and social media advertising. These three major advantages Google Ads offers puts it over the top as the top digital advertising platform for many of our clients. What are those three advantages?

Monitor displays a Google search result with the top ad highlighted; hearts float in the background

Advantage #1: Potential Customer

How the primary function of Google Ads works is you program keywords that potential customers are searching for and then you design the landing page on your website. This means the viewers of your ad are actively searching for your products or services. This varies greatly from social media advertising methods where you are targeting the demographic of your customers. Those people aren’t actively searching for your products or services, they are looking at their feed consuming their friends, family, and other content. An easy comparison is Google Ads is calling a potential customer off of a lead of interest, where social media ads is cold calling those potential customers that match your demographics.

Advantage #2: SEO

What is the main function of SEO? To rank on the first page of Google’s search results. Well, Google Ads lets you essentially bypass a weak SEO. It doesn’t stop there however, it also brings more people into your website which is an element in SEO. You are now shown on the first page of Google searches, and you are building your SEO!

Advantage #3: Social Media Consistency Doesn’t Matter

We often see clients that struggle to produce consistent content for their social media accounts, hell even we struggle to keep up on our own social media accounts. Google Ads won’t judge you for focusing so much on the day to day operations and needs of running a business. All you need is a strong website and well-designed ads to bring them to the right pages of that website. When you look at social media advertisements it is hard to be successful when a profile is advertising something and the user clicks that profile and hasn’t seen a post in months.

Advantage #4: YouTube

The ability to advertise on YouTube is a game changer for brands that have strong video content. YouTube itself is a powerful search engine producing results for video based content not only on the platform but also for organic searches on Google. The more views your video has, the more likely it is to show up on the top of those searches.

So what are you waiting for? Help your digital advertising campaigns and utilize what Google Ads has to offer with their paid search advertisements. If you need help getting started send us an email!

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