3 Reasons Why We Love Google Ads

Google Ads offers three big advantages over advertising on social media. These advantages put Google Ads to the top of our recommendations for digital advertising platforms. So, what does Google Ads do best?

Monitor displays a Google search result with the top ad highlighted; hearts float in the background

Advantage #1: Potential Customer

The main function of Google Ads is to have your website appear on specific search terms. You specify keywords that potential customers are searching for and tie that to a relevant page on your website. For example, a shoe store could advertise for the keywords “sandals in Reno” and bring users to the sandals category on their site.

This means the viewers of your ad are already actively searching for your products or services. This differs from social media advertising where you target the demographics of your potential customers. On social media, people aren’t actively searching for your products or services. They’re scrolling through their feed filled with friends, family, and content they follow. Google Ads functions like following up with a lead of interest, whereas social media ads are like cold-calling potential customers that match your target demographics.

Advantage #2: SEO

What is the main function of SEO? To rank on the first page of Google’s search results. Well, Google Ads lets you essentially bypass a weak SEO. Ad results appear above the first search result. It doesn’t stop there, either — ad clicks bring more people to your site, which contributes to better SEO. Your site is on the first page of Google searches, and you are building your SEO!

Advantage #3: Social Media Consistency Doesn’t Matter

We often see clients struggle to produce consistent content for their social media. Hell, even we struggle with keeping up on our own accounts! With Google Ads, all you need is a strong website and well-designed ads to bring people in. When you look at social media advertising, ads are less successful when a user clicks the brand’s profile and realizes they haven’t posted in months.

These are the advantages we come back to when recommending a digital advertising platform to our clients, so we hope this helped you get an idea of the benefits of Google Ads! In short, Google Ads is great if you have a strong website. Consider the strengths of your brand compared to the benefits of digital advertising on any platform. Curious about the advantages of running ads on social media? Check out our other blog post that covers why we love social media advertising!