Why Your Social Media Strategy Is Struggling

Published February 14, 2023

You may be disappointed in your lack of success on social media if you haven’t given into the new preferred content type. What is this content type? Short length vertical videos! These videos are under a minute long and now being pushed by major platforms. Short-length vertical videos are kicking every other content type’s ass right now.

Business man with combed back brown hair makes a confused, thoughtful face while staring at a laptop.

Horizontal videos, still images, and text-based posts are reaching a few hundred people, while this new content type is reaching thousands.

Here are some basic steps on how to be successful on TikTok, IG Reels, and YouTube Shorts:

1. Make sure it’s genuinely vertical. This means a 9:16 ratio or 1080×1920 pixels. These platforms are utilizing mobile devices, so they are punishing horizontal content or even square content.

2. Good audio and video quality. I didn’t say great, so don’t feel like you need professional quality, but spend a little time and money to get decent lighting and a quieter place to record.

3. Have a quick hook and keep people’s interest. People are scrolling through content, so you have  to grab their interest in the first second or two. Then retain their watch time to tell the algorithm this is a good video and keep distributing it. A long watch time will also increase the likeliness of your future content appearing on their feed!

Getting on camera is a little awkward and delivering messages quickly can be challenging, but dive into this new content type and see the benefits.

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