Using social media to share mental wellness education

Zephyr Wellness is a mental health practice based in Reno. They originally came to us at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic for help pivoting to marketing their telehealth services. Since then, they have continued to share content on their social media platforms to order to educate their audience on mental health topics. We use a mix of short digestible imagery with mental health tips as well as in-depth videos.

Before working with us, their social media presence was sporadic and visually inconsistent. We were able to give Zephyr Wellness a consistent written and visual voice while maintaining their existing branding.

We also researched and proposed the subject-matter of a majority of their posts. One key detail is that the posts needed to be applicable to a broad audience but still informative and helpful.

How we helped
Image has a dull blue background with white text that says: Small (easy to try) self care tips. Set timers to take breaks. Write down 1 thing you're grateful for. Go on a 15-minute walk. Say "no" to things that aren't a priority. There is a logo on the bottom for Zephyr Wellness.
There is an illustration of a woman with long hair holding a paper that stretches longer than her height. The text reads "Make sure what you're asking of yourself is reasonable."There is a logo on the bottom for Zephyr Wellness.
Seperate yourself from your thoughts by labeling them as thoughts. There is a two-panel illustration of a person clutching their head with a thought-bubble above. The left one looks in pain, and their thought reads "I am unlovable." The second panel looks calm, and the thought reads "I am having the thought that I am unlovable."There is a logo on the bottom for Zephyr Wellness.
There is white text on a dull blue background. Grounding technique — slow your mind down to the present moment by focusing on... 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing you can taste. There is a logo on the bottom for Zephyr Wellness.
It is a screenshot of a Facebook post by Zephyr Wellness. The text advertises their switch to offering telehealth services. The image in the post says "You don't have to face these times alone. Get help at home." There is a photo of a therapist on a video call with a client.

What our client has to say

“We cannot recommend Marketing Stable with a high enough degree of confidence. We will explain shortly, but if you read one sentence that influences your decision, just go ahead and hire them, you will be very satisfied.
Jake Wiskerchen

Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Zephyr Wellness

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