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Walk the Talk America is a non-profit focused on bridging the gap between firearms owners and mental health professionals. They want to raise awareness of the alarming rate of suicide by firearms while also providing resources to those who are most likely to be affected — gun owners. When they came to us, their existing website was confusing, and what they did wasn’t clear. We worked with WTTA to clarify their vision and create a website that reflected their goals. Having a clear website gave them somewhere to point people.

The website’s structure was one of the most important problems to solve. For a non-profit, we wanted to make it easy to offer support, so that is one of the first calls to action on the homepage. The free mental health screenings are their most popular resource, so we highlighted that throughout the website.

As we’ve continued to work with this client, we’ve been able to take a larger role. When we started, we were editing and tweaking content for SEO purposes. Now we generate content and statements for their brand. A great example of this is the What is WTTA page. This page answers a lot of common questions about Walk the Talk America and is consistently in the top 2 of pages generating incoming traffic.

How we helped
It is a screenshot of a Facebook post by Zephyr Wellness. The text advertises their switch to offering telehealth services. The image in the post says "You don't have to face these times alone. Get help at home." There is a photo of a therapist on a video call with a client.
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