Ranch House Menu


Ranch House needed a new menu that better represented their brand and appealed to their customers. We redesigned the menu and added photos of top-selling menu items alongside elements that captured the brand more clearly.

The Process

The most critical factor in the menu redesign was the photography. Ranch House wanted to showcase their food to enhance their appeal to their customers.

Our first big step was a photoshoot of all the food. We suggested that they pick some photogenic meals and best-selling menu items that weren’t likely to change in the future. We took a variety of shots from different angles to make sure the photos were versatile. They were used in the menu and in their own advertising campaigns and can continue to be used in future projects!

The next big step was the overall design of the menu. Throughout the menu, we used the Ranch House green and yellow for brand consistency. The white wood background gives the menu a rustic look and fits with the Ranch House branding, as they use wood backgrounds throughout their advertising. The waves around the photos are a dynamic but clean way to separate the images from the text, and communicate the Ranch House as professional and trustworthy.

Sandwiches and wraps page from redesigned Ranch House menu

We took hundreds of photos of the 27 menu items used in the final menu and food advertising.

Something fun for the kids

Alongside the menu refresh, we also redesigned their kids’ menu! We maintained their brand colors but opted for fun fonts and characters to capture childrens’ attention.