A new website for all of Noggin Notes’ offerings

Noggin Notes is a network of podcasts focused on providing mental health resources. They approached us when they were ready to expand their offerings to include training for schools and businesses. Our main focus was to create a website that housed all their offerings in a clear, easy-to-navigate way.
Building a website that lasts

Our main goal with the website was to make it easy-to-read while still including all of Noggin Notes’ offerings. Both the trainings and podcasts tied back into their central mission of improving mental health, so we used that through-line to simplify the site.

We referred to the existing Noggin Notes branding and chose a pale purple as one of the primary background colors on the website. The color is relaxing and functions well on web while still pairing nicely with Noggin Notes’ classic purple.

How we helped
It is a screenshot of a Facebook post by Zephyr Wellness. The text advertises their switch to offering telehealth services. The image in the post says "You don't have to face these times alone. Get help at home." There is a photo of a therapist on a video call with a client.
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