Distribution of Your Content Matters

Published April 16, 2021

We see it all the time online: a social media account with amazing content but only a few interactions. Why does this happen so often? Quality content is limited to just being quality content without successful distribution. Today, we’ll dive into why distribution is as important as your content quality.

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Big Distribution + Weak Content still equals success

It feels unfair when an account gets hundreds or thousands of engagements with mediocre content. Content isn’t the strong suit of these accounts, but distribution is. Having strong distribution makes up for average or weak content every time. This isn’t a good thing, but this is the reality thanks to the digital age. The more followers someone has, the more people will see their content. Unfortunately, there is no measurement of quality from the platform’s perspective. In fact, algorithms favor consistency and engagements. (Of course, if a brand with effective distribution platforms continues producing sub-par content for a long period, they will likely see their strong distribution depreciate.)

How do you create strong distribution channels?

Strong distribution channels aren’t something that happens overnight. You can buy them in an advertising campaign or you can build your own. Renting someone else’s communication channel (through paid ads* or influencer marketing*) is expensive. You’re looking at hundreds or thousands of dollars for each use. While these channels are effective, they’re also very expensive to use consistently. Ideally, you can build your own audience and cut down on the advertisement dollars.

One popular option these days is social media. Social media is popular because there is no cost for businesses to join, and it continues to be a growing content distribution option. According to Hootsuite, “Social media platforms gained 490 million users [in 2020] (that’s a 13.2% increase, year over year)”. But putting your brand on social media isn’t the only step to taking advantage of it. Success on social media takes a great deal of time and patience. You have to continue to give your followers a reason to keep following you and paying attention.*

A second option works both on the new-age platforms of social media and in the old world of business. The power of connections hasn’t diminished but rather changed. If you support your friends by liking their social media posts and engaging with their profiles, they may in turn be more likely to return the favor and like your content. This works the same as when you would refer your friend’s business and they would refer yours as well. The platform of communication changed, but the value of relationships is still as important as ever.

Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up! So many brands think that their content isn’t good and they give up too early on promising platforms. More often than not, it’s their strength of distribution that is lacking. How are people going to enjoy your content if it never reaches them?

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