Ranch House Food Photography


The Ranch House is an American-style restaurant with three locations inside the Silverado, Silver Strike, and Carson Plains Casinos. They needed food photography to showcase and advertise their menu items. To appeal the strongest to customers, each item had to be accurate to what somebody would receive when they ordered. This meant avoiding any stock photography or food enhancements that would make for a great photo, but are misleading to a customer.

Another big objective was to get a variety of photos that would work across multiple campaigns. From specials with discounted prices, to limited-time-only items, to general Ranch House branding imagery – we needed to capture images that would be used throughout many ads and posts for a while.

Ranch House limited time Pizza Burger meal

The Process

The photos were shot over multiple shoots. Once the photos are taken, we edit them to be color-corrected and remove the background. Then, we can take the photos and use them across any of the ad campaigns! They were used for…

  • Comfort food specials
  • Burger of the Month
  • The in-restaurant menu
  • General Ranch House advertisements

Resulting in over 45 unique ads/content that appeared on Facebook, their website, online newsletters, signage on the interior and exterior of the casinos, and on digital screens inside the casinos.

Burger of the month design on large poster
Outdoor parking lot banner
Facebook posts of popular food items with photos

This food photography was also used in the Ranch House menu design we created!