$20 Free Play Case Study


Designing, distributing, and tracking $20 Free Play coupons serves multiple needs. The coupons reward our client’s existing customers and incentivize new players to visit. In the short term, coupons provide a boost of customers during a targeted period of time. In the long term, we can measure the strength of Silverado’s advertising channels. This gives us and our client the necessary information to plan all campaigns. By repeating this process a few times a year, we keep track of any changes to the effectiveness of different advertising avenues.

Our Method

Different designs for each advertising channel were created along with different webpages to measure the strength of each platform. This allowed us to measure how many people visited the webpages and compare that to how many coupons were redeemed.

  • E-mail newsletter
  • Facebook (Organic)
  • Facebook (Ads)
  • Newspaper

In our October 2018 study, e-mail newsletter performed the strongest, and also yielded the highest ratio of views to redeemed coupons (94% of people who viewed the newsletter coupon redeemed it).

The pie chart shows the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and allows Silverado to make more educated decisions with their advertising efforts in the future.

This coupon campaign successfully brought in 1,118 customers into the client’s business during their targeted timeframe. Additionally, the data gives us a baseline for future campaigns, such as monitoring the newspaper’s success as it is the most expensive channel.
Person holding $20 Free Play coupon for Silverado Casino