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Every client offers different challenges, budgets, and abilities to assist in the content creation process. For that reason, we offer free consultations to learn more about you and find a price range once we have a better idea of all of the variables.

Each social media platform holds advantages over others. The most successful platform usually depends on your products/services and content that you will be posting. To dive into a specific answer for your brand reach out to us!

If you have either an active social media account or a well-designed website digital advertising presents a huge opportunity to your business. If you are lacking on the social media or website we can help with that too!

If your logo looks blurry or fuzzy, it’s probably either the wrong size or too low quality for the place it’s being displayed. Be careful not to just scale up a small version of your logo to a large size! Unless it is a specific type of file, the image will get blurry. We recommend starting with the largest size you have available and scaling down to the size you need, rather than starting small and scaling up.
Websites are two dimensional: there’s what users see on the front end and what designers see on the backend. If your backend has been routinely updated but the front end content hasn’t been updated, then there is a good chance we can work with your existing site. If the back end hasn’t been touched in 6 months or a year, it might be easier to move to a brand-new site. Not updating plugins or themes in the backend can lead to security and functionality issues.
In an ideal situation, we work with you to learn about your brand and identify topics and content types that people will be interested in. We cannot write the most effective content for you, as you are the professional in your field. With a large campaign of frequent organic and paid advertising, you can expect to notice positive changes in a few months.
You are the professionals in your field so we will rely heavily on you to provide the written content. Our job is to display that content effectively and attractively to users. Assuming we get that content quickly, basic websites with no marketplaces, user profiles, or databases can be easily completed in a month.

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