Consistency is Your Answer

3 Steps to Having a Great Social Media Presence

Consistency is the most important element of anything we do in life. You aren’t going to get good at something without investing time into it. You also get rusty at something you were once great at without investing time into it. We get asked all the time, “How many times a week should I post on Instagram? How many times a day should I post on Facebook?” We don’t have the answer to those questions— you do.

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You’ve heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” That’s a good approach to start with. Focus on quality posts and see how often you’re able to post something of quality. Is it a few times a month? Once a week? Twice a day? Everyone will have their own truthful answer to that question. Use that answer as a goal to continually post that often, increasing the frequency over time. Consistent quality combined with consistent quantity is the path to success on social media. It’s a path hidden in plain sight, but hard to achieve for many.

Where does one start on the path towards both quality and quantity? For those of you starting with an inactive or brand new social account, break it into three easier steps.

Step 1 — Decide what content you will post about.

Will you give peaks inside your day-to-day business? Post informational content about your industry? Give followers info about promotions or services/products? Often a business will have a mix of all these things. Giving content away for free validates your expertise and brings people to your page.

Step 2 — How often can you post about the subjects you narrowed in on step 1?

Start with a realistic goal and if you meet that, increase it. The goal is to be able to increase your quantity while not reducing the quality. If that starts to happen, stay put at the frequency you can produce quality at.

Step 3 — Be patient.

You are building a long-term asset with your social media. Don’t rush success, be patient and results will come!

If you get consistent at being consistent with your social media, you’ll find more and more success. So what are you waiting for? Start your three-step plan today!